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Not all Radio Stations function for 24 hours everyday. If you can't listen to any Radio, try to listen at different time, as the Radio Station may stop during midnight according to its own country time zone.

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The + Hydration Lover Rubber Mask is an innovative two-part mask that combines a deeply hydrating ampoule with a rubber sheet mask that seals in the nutrients, helping them to penetrate effectively into the skin. The moisturizing ampoule contains wheat and soy proteins to nourish the skin, as well as two kinds of hyaluronic acid to draw water into the top layers of skin. Panthenol and botanical oils nourish and protect skin. The second step, a rubber sheet, is placed over the ampoule to wrap the skin and enhance absorption, and contains seaweed and algae extracts that soothe and moisturize skin. For all skin types.

In 2007, the founders of DreamHack received a diploma of honor from the municipality of Jönköping , Sweden for being important to business, education and society of the local community.