Infektionsabteilung - selbsthypnose

Since 2002      assistance in the EU grant-aided HIV prevention project “Bordernet”. In this      project I’m responsible for the part of diagnostics and treatment of HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases with the aim to adapt the conditions between the old and new countries of EU.

Shop will reopen on the 20th or 21st after inventory is adjusted. Anticipating packages to arrive from Monorail Trespassing, Narcolepsia, Terror and Torn Light while I'm away.

The reopening will also see the long overdue arrival of full shipping and PayPal integration. That means quick and easy automated checkouts for all.

# 37 : INFEKTIONSABTEILUNG 'Aquanauten' 4 tracks, 54 minutes. C60 chrome cassette with double-sided photocopied cover. 23 copies. SOLD OUT

Infektionsabteilung - SelbsthypnoseInfektionsabteilung - SelbsthypnoseInfektionsabteilung - SelbsthypnoseInfektionsabteilung - Selbsthypnose